Collaborations, Style April 17, 2017

Wearing Black During Spring, +Giveaway!

Hey beauties! So we all know that spring marks the beginning of bright and pastel colors taking over! As much as I love wearing bright colors, black will always be a major part of my wardrobe. It practically goes with anything, and when it comes to styling the possibilities are endless!

Personal Experiences April 15, 2017

My First Year Blogging: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

A few days ago marked my first full year of blogging! It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride but I’m still riding, even after all the challenges and frustrations along the way. I’ve seen plenty of posts with bloggers discussing things they’ve learned, and tips for blogging, so I won’t give you another one of those posts. Instead I want to talk about how blogging has been for me. Let me give you the bad first.

Style April 1, 2017

Brighten up Your Wardrobe this Spring!

Can you believe it’s already April! 2017 is really moving along quickly! The weather’s been fair and I’ve been picking up a few new pieces here and there! One of the things I’m looking forward to this spring is adding some bright colors to my wardrobe!

Collaborations, Style March 25, 2017

Accessorize this Spring with a Jord Wood Watch!

I’m starting to feel it! The warm weather is slowly creeping in, the flowers are starting to bloom, and there’s more time in the day to have fun! Spring is here! Some of the things that I look forward to the most about spring are my gardenia scented candles, cold shoulder tops, and bouquets of tulips from my husband!

Style March 15, 2017

Styling a Spring Dress for Winter Weather

Hey Beauties! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so over this winter weather! Just when I thought I could safely put up my winter outerwear, it starts snowing! Hopefully you are a faithful reader and you remember that I’ve already started going through my spring apparel from last year. Well I’ve also started picking up a few new items here and there. One item being this really cute mock neck dress from Forever 21!

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