Hey beauties! Let’s chat a bit about accessories! Accessories are the little details that transform an ordinary outfit into a head turner! However you don’t have to limit yourself to one necklace and one bracelet. Don’t get me wrong, the right one necklace or one bracelet can really make your outfit pop! But I want to show you a few ways that you can get creative the next time you’re choosing your accessories!

1. Layer Necklaces

Just make sure your necklaces are different lengths! Layering them creates an instant statement piece!

2. Stack watch with bracelets

I’ve been stacking bracelets since the 90’s (I’m an 80’s baby). Throw a watch in the mix for a super stylish look!

3. Brooch on your shoulder

To be honest, I don’t see a lot of brooches now days. So when you run across some, be sure to pick up a few in case you need them to spruce up a plain looking top! I found these brooches at TJ Maxx!

4. Scarf with a belt

A blanket scarf plus a belt equals instant cuteness!

5. Silk scarf or fuzzy ball on purse/wallet

Want to give your solid colored handbag some life?

Tie a bright colored silk scarf to it! Or…

Add a fuzzy ball! They come in a variety of colors! And they’re even cute on a wallet!

What are some ways that you get creative with your accessories? Share below! Or post an image on Instagram and tag me @hautestyling or use #hautestyling

Thanks so much for reading! Remember to love your curves, and stay stylish!