Hey there! My name is LaToya Cooper and I’m a Certified Fashion Stylist and the founder of Haute Styling! Haute Styling is my personal style blog that focuses on full figured women such as myself. My mission is to promote self love and to support the body positive movement by showing curvy women how to create stylish looks for their real day-to-day roles.

I have a BA in Psychology, and an MBA in Marketing. I currently live in the Triangle area of NC with my husband and three children. I spend a lot of time transporting others, running errands, and supporting my children’s extracurricular activities. I understand how it can be easy to forget about yourself and what makes you happy. I hope this blog will encourage you to take time to style your curves, so that you can look and feel good- no matter what your day brings!

All of the ideas and opinions expressed on Haute Styling are my own and they are honest. If there’s a product that I really love and want to support I may provide an affiliate link. I do receive a commission from sales generated by using those links.