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Personal Experiences April 15, 2017

My First Year Blogging: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

A few days ago marked my first full year of blogging! It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride but I’m still riding, even after all the challenges and frustrations along the way. I’ve seen plenty of posts with bloggers discussing things they’ve learned, and tips for blogging, so I won’t give you another one of those posts. Instead I want to talk about how blogging has been for me. Let me give you the bad first.

Personal Experiences May 19, 2016

Why Body Shape Rules Don’t Matter to Me

Hourglass, Oval, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle…yep, we’ve heard them all before. We’ve all spent some amount of time analyzing these shapes and trying to fit our bodies into one of these categories. I remember a few years ago when I was getting my Fashion Stylist Certification going over all the rules of how to dress each body shape. I was so disappointed at the rules for my body shape. But I tried to play the part and stick to the rules because I wanted to prove that I had learned how to style to create balance. However I wasn’t wearing the things I really liked to wear.

Personal Experiences April 19, 2016

When Confidence is a Challenge

I absolutely LOVE going to the pool with my family during the summer! We usually don’t start until school is out in June because it’s too much of a hassle to wash everyone’s hair every other day during the school year (I have two girls, plus me equals 3 heads to wash. Whew!) So every year on the last day of school, we head to the pool! Well this year we went to Orlando during spring break, which we did last year also. This time we stayed at a really nice all-suite hotel, and I even scheduled an extra day in our trip just for relaxing by the pool.