“If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.”

Hey beauties! Last night I had the pleasure of attending a bloggers event hosted by a restaurant named Seasons 52. Bloggers from across the Triangle came to this restaurant, located at Crabtree Valley Mall, to taste items from their summer menu! Although I wasn’t required to blog about this complimentary event, I feel like anyone who appreciates fine dining should know about Seasons 52!

Upon entering I was greeting at the door, then again at the hostess stand. The overall feel and look of the restaurant is so upscale! The room where the event was held had wine bottles lining the walls, which I thought was so cool! The staff in general was super nice, including the Executive Chef, Chef Bryan! Everyone was so willing to answer our questions, and find the answer quickly if they didn’t know!

The thing I found most interesting about Seasons 52 was that they change their menu every season! They offer dishes that kind of… fit the season. I was told that four of their entrees are available year-round. However, they are paired with different side dishes and seasoned differently each season! How cool is that?!

I also love that they use fresh ingredients! With me working on a healthier lifestyle, calories matter! I was so impressed when I looked at the calorie count on the menu and saw that their meals fall within a reasonable caloric intake. There were literally only two items that I didn’t care for personally at this tasting. But my absolute favorite entree was the caramelized grilled sea scallops, with sweet corn risotto, snap peas, and toy box tomatoes! The menu shows that this meal is only 550 calories, which is perfect for me for a dinner. (My new diet ensures that I don’t take in a lot of calories during the day. In case you missed my video on the lifestyle changes I’ve made, check it out HERE.)

The lobster & fresh mozzarella flatbread and the keylime pie dessert were also amazing! As far as cocktails I tried both the non-alcoholic strawberry basil infusion, and the bourbon peach smash. Both excellent and perfect for summer!

Of course, I enjoyed a couple of glasses wine. They offer a huge selection, over 60 if I remember correctly. And at least 30 of those are from vineyards in NC!

My husband is my main photographer, and trust me- that’s no easy task. So I was happy to be able to share this experience with him! He loved the food at Seasons 52 just as much as I did, and we’re already planning to return for a date night!

If you live in the Triangle you have to visit Seasons 52 for lunch or dinner! I’d really encourage you to stop by and try the summer menu! You won’t be disappointed! I’m also looking forward to seeing what the next season will bring to Seasons 52!

In case you missed it on my Snapchat or Insta-story, enjoy a few pics and a short video below of some of the items we tried!


I want to send a big Thank You to Seasons 52 for hosting such a delicious event, and for the very thoughtful gifts!

Do you have a Seasons 52 in your area? If you’ve tried them, what’s your favorite dish? Let me know in the comment section below!

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xo, LaToya