A few days ago marked my first full year of blogging! It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride but I’m still riding, even after all the challenges and frustrations along the way. I’ve seen plenty of posts with bloggers discussing things they’ve learned, and tips for blogging, so I won’t give you another one of those posts. Instead I want to talk about how blogging has been for me. Let me give you the bad first.

The Bad & The Ugly

I see some bloggers start a blog and immediately have readers. Well, my experience was nothing like that. I averaged maybe 30 views a month in the beginning, and engagement was non existent for the longest! I didn’t receive my first comment until seven months into blogging. Even with my promotion efforts! Can you imagine the frustration of writing for so long and feeling like no one is interested?

I did really well on social media, as far as engagement, but I just couldn’t get those people over to read my blog. I really believe that this was because I lost my way for a while. There are so many people out there blogging and they have specific methods for how they have been successful. It’s so easy to get pumped up by their methods. And being caught up in the “methods” really got me off track for a while. I was busy focusing on the method rather than on creating the type of content I originally envisioned for my brand.

In October I took some time to re-focus. I began creating content that was not just inspirational, but also informative. From there I’ve seen my blog views double monthly. I’m also seeing more people going to my blog from the links I post on my social media pages. The lesson learned here: You have to create content that will help people. Give them tips or ideas!

The Good

The best part about blogging has been the amazing people that I’ve met! I can honestly say that bloggers in general are the most supportive people ever! I’ve gotten support and advice from not only other fashion bloggers, but also from travel bloggers, mom bloggers, home improvement bloggers, business bloggers, and more! I also appreciate the friendships I’ve developed with some local bloggers and boutique owners!

I love the abundance of resources available to help you get started with blogging. One of the most invaluable resources that I invested in was Style Collective. They provided several resources that have helped me to take my blog to the next level, including increasing my engagement and getting brand partnerships.

People start blogging for different reasons, so we won’t all have the same experiences. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a few of the good and bad experiences I’ve had with blogging. Overall being a fashion blogger is a lot of fun! Who wouldn’t like to play dress up and then have a photoshoot?!

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Of course I’m going to give you some images! I hope you are inspired by this casual look with a denim shirt and white capris!

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