Like many of you, my household operates on a budget. But I still shop for apparel almost weekly and I’ve managed to build a good size wardrobe. On top of that-I rarely pay full price! Let me share a few tips on how you can maximize your wardrobe on a minimum budget! Let’s start with the most obvious…

Tip 1: Shop Clearance

Shopping the clearance racks is always an option. Sometimes clearance racks are filled with apparel that is out of season, but if you look carefully sometimes you can find items that you can wear in the current season. Also, I want to mention that I only buy apparel that is in season and that I can wear now. I don’t buy winter clothes from the clearance rack during the summer, and save them for winter. I only have so much money to spend, so I want to spend it on items that I can wear now.

Tip 2: Take Advantage of Email Coupons

Most retailers have an email list that you can sign up for. In exchange they’ll sometimes offer you a coupon code. From that point on you’ll begin receiving emails with coupon codes that you can use in-store on online. You’ll also receive notices of special sales. Believe it or not, a lot of retailers have regular sales. Regardless of where I’m shopping, I always have a coupon code that I can use, or I wait patiently for a sale.

Tip 3: Coupon Programs

Ashley Stewart calls it Diva Dollars, Torrid calls it Haute Cash. I’ve even received E-Cash from Eloquii. You usually earn a coupon for every $50 that you spend. If you earn any, these coupons are usually worth $25 off a $50 future purchase. That’s 50% off! Pay attention to dates when retailers are offering these programs. Even if you shop clearance or use coupons, you still earn a $25 coupon for every $50 that your spend. Remember, if you earn these-use them!

Tip 4: Order Online

I find a lot of good sales online that aren’t available in-store. And for the same products! Make sure you know your measurements so that you can use the size chart to order an accurate size. Retailers with store locations usually allow returns in-store. Just always double check the return policy to make sure it will work for you.

Bonus Tip 5

If your financial situation can handle it, store credit cards can save you a lot. Most offer a coupon to open the account, monthly coupons, birthday, and anniversary coupons. The only catch is that you have to use the credit card in order to get the discount. However there are interest rates to consider. So please, if you choose this option be responsible with your credit. I highly recommend paying the balance off each month.

Now if a retailer has low enough prices, I don’t wait for a sale or coupon. I purchase items from Target’s Ava & Viv line from time-to-time. They are stylish and very affordable. Some smaller boutiques also offer quality apparel for reasonable prices.

I hope these tips will help you realize that you can order from that company that you think you can’t afford. You just have to be smart and know when to shop. And shop a little at a time. Don’t feel pressure to buy a lot at once. Trust me, it will eventually add up to a rich wardrobe!

Photo Jun 01, 2 05 10 PM

Here’s the deets on the outfit I’m wearing above.

The vest is from Ashley Stewart for $23.70  regular price: $39.50

Shorts are from Eloquii  for $34.95  regular price: $69.90

Cami is from Torrid $14.80  regular price: $18.50

Wedges are from Payless for $29.99  regular price: $39.99

Christian Siriano clutch is from Payless for $13.99  regular price $19.99

My cost: $117.43

Full price: $187.88

Total savings: $70.45