Hey Beauties! If you’re new to my blog, one thing that you’ll learn during the warmer months is that I love dusters! It’s rare that I find one that I like for the winter months, but I found a winner in this web exclusive plaid one from Ashley Stewart! Normally I wear outerwear during the winter, so dusters don’t exactly go with my wardrobe. But the weather has really been up and down in NC this year! Forty degrees one day, then eighty degrees the next! So I’m thrilled to be able to wear this really cute duster that can transition into my spring wardrobe! Here are four ways that this duster can be worn!

Buttoned up


Open and tied in the front

Buttoned up and tied in the front

I’m already in love with this duster! It’s perfect for a casual look, and as you can see, I have several options for how to wear it! Get your red plaid duster exclusively on Ashley Stewart’s website by clicking the affiliate link here!

Which way would you wear this duster? Let me know in the comment section below!

Thank you so much for reading! Remember to love your curves, and stay stylish!


Where to find it:

Jeans: Ava & Viv from Target

Sneaker wedges & Belt: Torrid