Style February 12, 2017

One Duster, Four Ways

Hey Beauties! If you’re new to my blog, one thing that you’ll learn during the warmer months is that I love dusters! It’s rare that I find one that I like for the winter months, but I found a winner in this web exclusive plaid one from Ashley Stewart!

Style, Style It! Web Series February 8, 2017

Style It! Episode 2: The Blazer

Hey Beauties! Episode two is all about how to style a staple wardrobe piece, the blazer! A blazer is versatile enough to complete several looks, from workwear to casual, and then some. In this video I discuss tips on how a blazer should fit, and how you can style it for a casual look. The blazer featured in this video is from Lane Bryant. I found it in store, however it’s unavailable online. 

Style, Tips & Resources February 1, 2017

5 Creative Ways to Wear Accessories

Hey beauties! Let’s chat a bit about accessories! Accessories are the little details that transform an ordinary outfit into a head turner! However you don’t have to limit yourself to one necklace and one bracelet. Don’t get me wrong, the right one necklace or one bracelet can really make your outfit pop! But I want to show you a few ways that you can get creative the next time you’re choosing your accessories!

Style January 21, 2017

Style Diary: Flannel

Flannel. It’s such an ugly word. If I had to describe my relationship with flannel, I would say that it’s definitely a tug of war between love and hate, with hate usually winning. The thing about flannel is that when alone, it’s hard to envision it being a stylish wardrobe option. You really have to take the time to style it just right before the love really sets in!

Style December 17, 2016

Bring in the New Year in Style

I can’t believe we’re less than 20 days away from 2017! I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, because I constantly set goals and strive to be better. However I am looking forward to making some changes in the New Year! More on that later. Right now I want to share what I’ve chosen to wear to bring in 2017!

Style December 14, 2016

Party Dresses for Every Budget

With 2017 right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about that bomb New Year’s Eve party that you’ll be going to. While you’re imagining yourself dancing the night away, don’t forget to ask yourself one very important question: what will you wear?! No matter what your budget, I’ve got you covered! Here are a few of the hottest party dresses this season!

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