Personal Experiences April 19, 2016

When Confidence is a Challenge

I absolutely LOVE going to the pool with my family during the summer! We usually don’t start until school is out in June because it’s too much of a hassle to wash everyone’s hair every other day during the school year (I have two girls, plus me equals 3 heads to wash. Whew!) So every year on the last day of school, we head to the pool! Well this year we went to Orlando during spring break, which we did last year also. This time we stayed at a really nice all-suite hotel, and I even scheduled an extra day in our trip just for relaxing by the pool.

Fashion April 14, 2016


I’m feeling anything but blue in my Thursday OOTD. One thing that you should know about me is that I take very good care of my clothes and shoes. I take care of my accessories also, but they tend to have a shorter life span than my clothes and shoes. I have three children who take most of my money, so my method of building my wardrobe has always consisted of adding pieces to it regularly. So you’ll often see me mixing some of my old with some of my new.

Fashion, Tips & Resources April 13, 2016

Styling Up a Tee

The t-shirt is the most basic wardrobe item in your closet. Alone, it’s hard to envision it as being apart of a stylish look. But with the right accessories you can totally style up your tee! It’s easy. Let me show you how!

Fashion April 9, 2016

Inspiration for These Chilly Spring Days

Spring in NC has yet to produce the consistent warm weather that I was so hoping for. These sixty-something degree days have me still wearing my winter apparel, minus the outerwear on most days. I posted this image that I created on Polyvore a few days ago on Instagram to give you some inspiration for these chilly days. I used it to inspire one of my looks this weekend.

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