Flannel. It’s such an ugly word. If I had to describe my relationship with flannel, I would say that it’s definitely a tug of war between love and hate, with hate usually winning. The thing about flannel is that when alone, it’s hard to envision it being a stylish wardrobe option. You really have to take the time to style it just right before the love really sets in!

I recently took my youngest daughter and her friends roller skating to celebrate her 13th birthday. (I now have two teenage girls. Pray for me y’all). Before this outing, I was exhausted from being up late the night before. So although I had an outfit all laid out and pressed, I woke up wanting more of an easy casual look. Initially I thought that I would just style up a t-shirt. But then this old flannel spoke to me. So I gave in and threw it over a white tank with a pair of jeans. I still had to step in style, so I added a few things to bring this look together.

After getting my outfit together, I always go for the shoes next. I can’t even start to consider accessories until I know what shoe I will be wearing. Of course I went for my everyday shoe, my sneaker wedges.

This faux leather handbag with tassels and a quilted design was a no-brainer! Every woman should have a black handbag ready for use when needed! This one is my main winter bag because its’ stylish look makes it complement practically any outfit!

I wanted something nice and shiny around my neck that would stand out. This silver statement necklace worked perfectly!

Personally, I loved this look! It really spoke my mood on that crazy and exhausting day. Plus my cat eye sunglasses helped me hide my tired eyes in the sun. What do you think of this look? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. And while you’re down there, tell me how you style your flannel.

I hope this has inspired you to give flannel a try! Thanks so much for reading!

And remember- love your curves, and stay stylish!

Where to find it:

Flannel, Sneaker Wedges, Handbag, & Sunglasses: Torrid

Statement Necklace: Lane Bryant