Hey Beauties! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so over this winter weather! Just when I thought I could safely put up my winter outerwear, it starts snowing! Hopefully you are a faithful reader and you remember that I’ve already started going through my spring apparel from last year. Well I’ve also started picking up a few new items here and there. One item being this really cute mock neck dress from Forever 21!

Anytime that I’m apparel shopping, I have to visualize how I will style an item before I make the purchase. I don’t have to see every little detail, but I have to at least see how I can make it work with my wardrobe. The first thing that attracted me to this little dress was that I could see it styled with either sneakers, sandals, or wedges. Even a thigh-high boot would work well with this baby! Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been cooperating enough for me to wear this dress how I originally envisioned. So I had to get a little creative.

I used to wear jeans with dresses all the time in undergrad, and it’s a trend that I still love. Although this dress is cute on it’s own, as you can see, it doesn’t work well to just throw it over some jeans. One option for styling it is to tuck in the sides. This gives a drapey scoop hem effect that I absolutely love!


Another option is to tie it in the front. You can tie it as high or low as you want. I’m loving this look also!

Basically, I turned my little dress into a temporary top! I’m loving both of these looks, but I’ll still be glad when I can wear is as a dress! Have you been as anxious as I have to break out the spring apparel? Talk to me in the comment section below!

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Remember to love your curves, and stay stylish! xo


Where to find it:

Mock neck dress: Forever 21

Satin embroidered bomber jacket: Charlotte Russe

Similar Backpack: Forever 21