Hey beauties! Ok, so I have a little secret that I want to share: I hate going into retail stores to shop! I know this might sound weird coming from a fashion blogger, but I can be indecisive and it takes me so long to figure out what I really want. So you can imagine that shopping for myself in-store is a time consuming process.

When I do shop in-store, I prefer it to be planned in advance so that I can mentally prepare by planning out exactly what I need/want to purchase. If I don’t plan in advance, it’s possible that I will end up spending hours in a store only to end up leaving with next to nothing. Then the next day I’ll have regrets about the items that I didn’t purchase.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a spontaneous shopping spree with my girls! But my absolute favorite place to shop is online! I love online shopping because I can take my time. I’ve been known to fill my cart, but not make my final purchase decisions until a day or two later! I just feel less pressure when I’m shopping online, and sometimes I have access to web-only exclusives that can’t be found in store! Over the years I’ve learned a trick or two about how to shop online like a pro, so I thought I’d share a few tips with you so that you can do the same!

  1. Know your measurements. Always check the measurement chart before choosing your size. It’s highly unlikely that you will wear the same size at every retailer. A soft body measuring tape can be purchased for less than $5 at your local Walmart or Target. It’s important to take your measurements while wearing very thin clothes. A tank and leggings will work fine, or even a swimsuit. The main measurements you need are your bust, waist, and hips. You may need someone to help you, to ensure that you are laying the tape measure evenly and flat around your body. Keep in mind that all of your measurements may not line up with the measurements on a retailers’ measurement chart. I like to at least make sure my bust and waist are accurate when it comes to tops and dresses, however I’m okay if my waist measurement is off by an inch or two. This usually works well, but just in case, see tip #2. (I don’t buy pants online unless I’ve purchased from that retailer before and I’m absolutely positive of the fit. Pants may fit as far as size, but the shape doesn’t always work for me. So I try to always buy them in store. You may have better luck.)
  2. Know the exchange policy. I will not shop at an online retailer who does not have an exchange policy. I’m okay with them not having a return policy. But I need to be able to at least exchange my item if it doesn’t fit. If they have free exchanges that’s great. However keep in mind that many will make you pay for shipping on your exchange.
  3. Know when to shop. It’s useful to learn the absolute lowest sale that a retailer will offer. And I’m not talking about clearance here, I’m talking about apparel that is in season. For some of my faves it’s 40% off, for others it’s 35% off. Now keep in mind that this could be a one-day deal, so you’ve got to be ready! There will be 20% off sales, even 30% off sales, but at some point during the month they will have their lowest price sale, up to 40% off. I like to scope websites for what I really want, add items to my wish list if possible, then make the purchase when that sale price is as low as that retailer offers. If you’re new to a retailer it might take a month to discover that lowest sale price. Patience my dear, it will be worth it!

Bonus tip: Take advantage of coupons. Some retailers will offer you a coupon code for subscribing to their email list. If you’re ever in a hurry and need to order something immediately, these coupon codes could come in handy. Sometimes you can even add these codes on top of sale prices! You may or may not save 40%, but either way, it’s better than paying full price!

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Of course I’ve included some images below! Hopefully this casual look will inspire your style choices this weekend! The apparel in these looks were all purchased online. The top is from SimplyBe and the pants are from Ashley Stewart. The shoes were purchased in-store from Torrid, but they are still available online! I’ve linked the shoes, and similar apparel below!

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Until next time, remember to love your curves and stay stylish! xo


Sneaker wedges: Torrid