Hourglass, Oval, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle…yep, we’ve heard them all before. We’ve all spent some amount of time analyzing these shapes and trying to fit our bodies into one of these categories. I remember a few years ago when I was getting my Fashion Stylist Certification going over all the rules of how to dress each body shape. I was so disappointed at the rules for my body shape. But I tried to play the part and stick to the rules because I wanted to prove that I had learned how to style to create balance. However I wasn’t wearing the things I really liked to wear. Needless to say, I eventually gave in to my desires and began wearing what I wanted. It didn’t matter whether or not my body looked balanced to others, because I was happy. This is why body shape rules don’t matter when it comes to my personal style. So I wanted to share some photos of a couple of outfits that I would have never worn a few years ago.

Photo May 19, 3 41 55 PM

This beautiful dress would have been a no-no for two reasons. For one it’s short and shows too much of my legs. And for two, its’ sleeveless design shows every lump and dent on my arms! But so what! I love this dress!

Photo May 19, 3 30 37 PM

This jumpsuit definitely shows how far I’ve come. Not just because it’s sleeveless, but because it’s a jumpsuit! I’m rather round in my stomach area, so according to the rules, I won’t look right in a jumpsuit. But man do I feel sexy!

Photo May 19, 3 28 44 PM

One thing that wasn’t covered in my stylist certification was shapewear. Fortunately there are several high quality shapewear options available that help to smooth round bodies like mine, as well as slim me down a bit. Moral of the story: Rules can be broken. So don’t be afraid to wear what you really want. I want you to make a goal to try something new this week. Something that you’ve been wanting to wear but have fooled yourself into thinking that it won’t work for you. Then I want you to post a picture on Instagram and tag me @hautestyling, or post the pic to my Facebook page so we can celebrate together!

The dress and jumpsuit above are both from Gwynnie Bee. If you’ve never heard of them, they are a clothing rental subscription service for women sizes 10-32. Get your FREE 30 day subscription here!

Til next time!